How to stay safe and avoid injuries during a move

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May 12, 2017
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How to stay safe and avoid injuries during a move

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Moving house or offices can be a stressful endeavour – in fact, it has been said that moving house is one of the most stressful things a family can go through in their lifetime. But other that the stress, moving can also have its fair share of dangers, generally hidden within the unpredictability of your move. If you dare to turn your back on moving safety, you could find yourself or a loved one with an injury you just cannot afford to have. That’s why furniture removal and packing should be handled by an expert, such as SA Removals.


furniture removal companies


Leaving furniture removal to the experts

If you are about to embark on a home or office move, here are a few tips to keeping you safe and injury free:

  1. Ask for adequate assistance

By this, we mean make an enquiry with a professional furniture removal company which will assist with wrapping, packaging, boxing and transporting your furniture and goods. Otherwise, employ the hands of friends and family to help with the work load, otherwise you’ll tire yourself out, and that’s when real accidents happen!

  1. Use the correct lifting techniques and tools

You can’t cheat the laws of physics unfortunately – so if a box is over-packed there is a chance it will be too heavy and it could all come crashing down around you! Over stuffing boxes and lifting them incorrectly could have serious consequences for your back – avoid making boxes too heavy and remember to bend your knees when lifting! Alternatively, employ the use of a dolly or ask for help when moving heavy furniture.

  1. Keep hallways and pathways clear of obstacles

This may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to furniture removal, but the last thing you need when removing furniture and boxes from your home is to trip over a stray tennis ball, children’s toy or even another packed box. Try and keep main walkways clear of obstacles at all times.

  1. Remove children and pets from the equation

It’s super simple: children and pets, as much we love them, are a distraction. On moving day the last thing you need is a stumbling toddler or skittish pet under the feet of furniture removal movers and yourself. Ask grandparents, good friends or someone you trust to take care of your children or pets for the day and remove them from the stressful equation completely!


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Save yourself aches and pains, use a dolly for all your box and furniture removal needs


furniture removal companies

SA Removals is a specialist furniture removal company and will help to make your home move as stress free as possible